XTREME MONKEY Wall Mounted Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar

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Wall Mounted Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar SACUB
Details and Specs

Chin-ups are arguably the best upper body resistance exercise around. There is no other exercise that can replace its functional value; and no, the lat pull down is a not a suitable replacement. Not only do chins build the back and biceps, the abdominals, chest and grip get a workout as well.

A chin-up bar in a gym is also a highly useful fixture, given that it can also be used as an anchor for rings, bands or a TRX.

The wall Mounted Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar itself is bolted flush to the support brackets so there is no play or movement, just a solid fixture that will take any weight up to 400kg!


  • Monkey Style Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar
  • Powder Coated to prevent rust
  • Solid fixture that will take any weight up to 800lbs
  • 48" between mounting holes - fits standard studs
  • Assembled Size: L49 W24 H20, 20" Verticle wall attach bracket
  • 6 bolts supplied with each cell. Installation of bolts require a masonry drill-bit and socket.
  • Residential & Commercial Use.

The Treadmill Factory is not responsible for the integrity of the installation. Seek advice from the appropriate professionals as to the structural strength of the wall you are assembling to. Failure to install correctly could result in serious injury!


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Manufacturer: Xtreme Monkey
Warranty | General: Warranty is limited to manufactures’ defect and does not cover misuse, normal wear and tear -- Residential USE – Lifetime Warranty on everything / Light Commercial USE- Lifetime Frame, 5 Years Parts and 1 Year Pads/ Cables/Handles/knobs / FOR ITEMS THAT ARE FOR Commercial USE, – 5 Year Frame/Parts – 90 days Pads/Cables/Handles/knobs
Assembled Height: 20
Assembled Width: 24
Assembled Length: 45
Assembled Weight: No

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  1. Excellent chinup bar
    Overall Rating

    Review by Armand

    Posted on

    Good value for what you get. Well packaged and welding is good quality. There are little imperfections but hey it is not furniture. Overall I am satisfied.
  2. Best bar yet
    Overall Rating

    Review by Tim

    Posted on

    For the options, price, and quality you won't find a better bar.
  3. Packaging

    Review by Jocelyne

    Posted on

    It's a Christmas gift. Good thing I was off the day it was delivered. The box shows a picture of product on the outside. It would be nice if the boxes did not show what was within the box. Other then that, my son enjoys using the equipment that has been purchased at the Treadmill Factory.
  4. chin bar
    Overall Rating

    Review by Trevor

    Posted on

    excellent, sturdy and versatile, projection from wall is adequate
  5. Excellent
    Overall Rating

    Review by IFJ

    Posted on

    Very sturdy bar. excellent functionality. Would highly recommend
  6. Sturdy, inexpensive, better than free-standing
    Overall Rating

    Review by Arlin

    Posted on

    If you have the space/studs, this is the best bar-none (no pun intended).

    Built SOLID. I was a little hesitant to use the included hardware in studs (make sure these are load-bearing) considering I will be doing inverted hangs and pull-ups and a catastrophic failure here is a catastrophic injury, but I hung on each support frame itself as I mounted them with just 2 of the included lag-bolts and they didn't move a millimeter (for the record, I weigh 200 lbs). So I figured if 2 lags in one support frame can support me, 6 lags in 2 support frames shouldn't have any problem.

    Been using it for 3 weeks so far and loving it every time. Friends and family much heavier than me have yet to make this thing nervous. Can't believe the price considering I was comparing much more expensive free-standing options that weren't nearly as stable or versatile.
  7. Great piece
    Overall Rating

    Review by John

    Posted on

    This very solid chin up bar has more than enough hand positions for a varied workout. It has a quality finish and ships with good quality anchors. The anchor bolt heads were too close to the size of the holes on the wall mounts, so I added some thick washers from home depot.
  8. Full Value
    Overall Rating

    Review by Patrick Kennedy

    Posted on

    I wanted a multi-grip bar and this one is serving me well. I attached it to the load bearing block wall that separates my basement in two. I bought my own hardware: 4 - 12" X 1/2" long carriage bolts and went right through to the other side with appropriate large washers and nylon locknuts. I only used four as I could probably hang a truck off the bolts. You probably have a different situation in your house so use all six of the drop-ins.
    The bar is heavy. All the welds looked excellent and the paint was fine. Nothing was missing and it got to my place in less than a week.
    The variable handholds allow you to work the back and shoulder muscles in a variety of ways and that allows to gain overall strength and bring out the proper V shape.
    Everyone should be able to pull themselves up. This bar was one of my best purchases in a long time.
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