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Vinyl Coated Kettlebells


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Kettlebell Storage


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  1. Element Fitness 05 lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
    05 lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
  2. The Great Kettlebell Handbook
    The Great Kettlebell Handbook
  3. Element Fitness 08 lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
    8 08 lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
  4. CrossBell Unit
    CrossBell Unit
  5. XM FITNESS Cast Iron Kettlebells - 4kg
  6. Element Fitness 10lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
    10lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
  7. Element Fitness 12lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
    12 lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
  8. Xtreme Monkey Kettlebell Wrist Guard
    Xtreme Monkey Kettlebell Wrist Guard
  9. XM FITNESS Cast Iron Kettlebells - 6kg
    XM FITNESS Cast Iron Kettlebells - 6kg
  10. Element Fitness 15lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
    15lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
  11. Poster- Kettlebell Exercises
    Poster Kettlebell Exercises
  12. Treadmill Factory Adjustable Kettlebell
    Adjustable Kettlebell
  13. XM FITNESS Cast Iron Kettlebells - 8kg
    XTREME MONKEY Cast Iron Kettlebells - 8kg
  14. Element Fitness 20lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
    20lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
  15. XM FITNESS Cast Iron Kettlebells - 10kg
    XTREME MONKEY Cast Iron Kettlebells - 10kg
  16. Element Fitness 25lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
    25lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
  17. The CrossBell System
    The CrossBell System
  18. XM FITNESS Cast Iron Kettlebells - 12kg
    XTREME MONKEY Cast Iron Kettlebells - 12kg
  19. Element Fitness 30lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
    30lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
  20. Xtreme Monkey 8kg Pink Competition Kettlebell
    8kg Pink Competition kettlebells
  21. Element Fitness 35lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
    35lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
  22. XM FITNESS Cast Iron Kettlebells - 16kg
    XM FITNESS Cast Iron Kettlebells - 16kg
  23. Element Fitness 40lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
    40lbs Vinyl Kettlebell
  24. Xtreme Monkey 12kg Blue Competition Kettlebell
    12kg Blue Competition kettlebells
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Items 1-24 of 53

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Set Descending Direction

Latest Kettlebells Reviews from our Canadian Customers

  1. Great bell - Review by Fabien

    Overall Rating

    It's my 2nd bell from Xtreme Monkeys, and I'm very satisfied with it. The handle is the perfect size for two handed swings and it holds the chalk extremely well. Price was good and the delivery very fast.

    ( Posted on 2017-05-12 17:48:54 )

  2. awesome kettlebell - Review by Marc Gauvin

    Overall Rating

    these kettlebells are awesome ! they arrived early the casting on theme is great they have great feel to them. totallly worth the price just a great quality kettlebell overall .highly recommended

    ( Posted on 2019-05-13 10:10:47 )

  3. Great quality. - Review by TJ

    Overall Rating

    Great shipping with foam on each side, no scratches. Great shipping and quality product.

    ( Posted on 2019-01-15 03:01:39 )

  4. great quality/price ratio, super fast shipping - Review by Mike

    Overall Rating

    I got these the day after I ordered. Same quality as the 12kg but grip circumference is substantially thicker. 12kg is 4.4 inches, 16kg is 4.9inches. For smaller hands, this might be an issue. Grip is not as comfortable as the 12kg for me and I don't have small hands.

    ( Posted on 2019-01-19 20:22:37 )

  5. - Review by Alan H.

    Overall Rating

    very fast turnaround. The paint job on these are somewhat rough but this is purely a cosmetic concern.

    ( Posted on 2013-05-23 07:05:12 )

  6. Nice product - Review by Karen Allen

    Overall Rating

    While the kettlebell arrived very quickly, the delivery company left a damaged box (open) on my front step. I wouldn't be surprised if it had been dropped at some point as there were a couple of dings on the handle, which was sticking out of the side of the box. I was able to pick it up by the handle and the box fell off. While the product will function as expected, I recommend that you pick it up directly rather than

    ( Posted on 2019-06-20 15:02:47 )

  7. Quick shipping, great quality - Review by Chad

    Overall Rating

    Ordered 2 kettlebells yesterday and they were shipped and delivered today. As far as I can see these are quality kettlebells, up there with Rogue. Can't wait to use these tonight. Would definitely recommend them and will order a few more to have a wider range of weights.

    ( Posted on 2017-08-16 22:46:53 )

  8. excellent - Review by Sandra

    Overall Rating

    Same as what I use at the gym......quick delivery.

    ( Posted on 2016-04-29 17:58:52 )

  9. This kettlebell is fantastic ! - Review by Bruno

    Overall Rating

    A1 !!! Best product for the best price !!! Enough said !!!

    ( Posted on 2016-11-06 00:17:20 )

  10. Quality - Review by Neil

    Overall Rating

    I have 12,16,20,24&48kg Kettlebells. The cast iron is very good quality. It does chip pain wise but solid and this happens with anything. Has both lbs and kgs labelled. XM makes very good quality products! Fast shipping. No hassle.

    ( Posted on 2018-01-29 08:06:05 )


If you are looking for an effective, intense and fun workout, then a kettlebell is what you need! This one workout tool will help you transform your entire body and allow you to achieve all of your health and fitness goals.

Kettlebells, which are essentially weighted balls with handles, provide the perfect workout by increasing strength, endurance, agility and balance while also challenging both the muscular and cardiovascular system with dynamic, total body movements.

The Treadmill Factory has a wide selection of kettlebells to choose from to suit everyone. We carry vinyl dipped kettlebells, steel kettlebells and cast iron kettlebells which vary in terms of their color and weight increments. Whether you are looking for a light weight kettlebell to use at home or a heavier increment to use for kettlebell competitions, The Treadmill Factory is here to serve you.

The Treadmill Factory

Our kettlebells are designed with a stable base along with a smooth finish on both the handle and the kettlebell to ensure a safe and comfortable workout. Our competition ones are designed to meet the official standards of competition kettlebells for both the handle diameter and bell construction. In addition to the kettlebells, we also carry information tools such as books and DVD’s to ensure you get a proper and effective kettlebell workout.

Training with kettlebells will allow you to develop total body strength, generate fast weight loss to remove unwanted fat, restore youthful flexibility to reduce injury and improve mobility all while redesigning the shape of your entire body.

Thousands of people have experienced the cardio and muscular endurance benefits of kettlebell training. You can join them by visiting us in person at any one of our store locations or by visiting us online to purchase your very own kettlebell!

The Treadmill Factory has a Strength And Conditioning Equipment specifically designed to suit your needs.