Element Fitness Power Gliding Discs - 7"

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Power Gliding Discs

Target your glutes and thighs and work your entire body with Element Fitness Power Gliding Discs.

Great for multi-surface areas, these discs deliver constant resistance, adding intensity to your lunges, squats and upper-body workouts. Plus, with virtually every move, you'll engage your core, giving you amazing abs, glutes and thighs!


Two double-sided sliding discs: blue Smooth side for carpet, raised black Fabric side for hard surfaces and wood. Get a workout anywhere with easy portability.


Can also be used in recovery exercises.

7" diameter

Sold as a pair.

Manufacturer: Element Fitness
Assembled Height: No
Assembled Width: No
Assembled Length: No
Assembled Weight: No

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  1. Versatility
    Overall Rating

    Review by Tiffany

    Posted on

    Love the versatility in these sliders. A lot exercises for those at any level of fitness
  2. WOW... AWESOME!

    Review by Matthew

    Posted on

    This product is totally awesome and will if you use it give you a good run for your money. I'm going on a 2 month trip and wanted an exercise tool that would be easy to carry around in a suitcase but that would also really force me to work. I am a certified personal trainer also and am constantly on the lookout for interesting ways to train not only myself but others to and this product is amazing! I do planche dips, dips along with other bodyweight exercises to get stronger and am over 3 bills easy. I can do all kinds of pushups but really got a hammering when I tried to do fly push ups: GET THEM! I have used these gliders in somewhat unconventional ways like for instance pulling and pushing away from the kitchen sink with knees slightly bent holding on to the counter without using any leg strength and that is one way to totally smoke your back and lats. Well worth the money no doubt about it. I'm sure that if you are creative and careful you actually can use these to do some very difficult exercises along with exercises that are easier to do. What a tremendous workout I got today. I couldn't do any rope climb and nothing else after I finished: had the biskit after all I did with these today. They'll certainly get a lot of use not only during my 2 month jaunt abroad but before and well after that trip.
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